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We Build Affordable, Turn-Key Autonomous Greenhouses that provide communities with fresh produce direct from the Farm.

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Autonomous Greenhouses.

More Profit. Less Time.


The Challenge

Create affordable indoor agriculture that increases profits for local farms and reduces the cost of food to local communities. Improve the way we grow crops to suit modern lifestyles and economics.

The Solution

The GreenEarth Autonomous Greenhouse costs the same as a traditional greenhouse but with 40% less operating expenses and 80% less time. Get higher yields, automated inventory management, autonomous growing and harvesting, automated delivery and scheduling. It can be operated from a Smartphone and can grow many varieties of crops at the same time with no additional equipment.


Profit margins of food distributors.

Organizations that buy from food distributors.

Dollars removed from communities & farms.

"Doubling my tomato revenue without spending more time or money allows me to focus on doing what I love."

– Owner, Hackl Greenhouses Ltd.

Simple to Operate.


Nature Friendly.


Available Now.

Grow Your Produce 50% Cheaper.

You can grow up to 64 different types of plants and vegetables in a single facility, at the same time. Program your crops to grow according to your delivery needs. The facility expertly grows and tends to your crops with no error or waste. Reduce your supply chain and management costs by using intelligent inventory management and scheduling. Understand how your food was grown and track your customers tastes and preferences. Offer instant payment and delivery for your customers.

Increase Yields, Prevent Disease & Improve Genetics.

We Rethought Everything

Effortlessly Manage Your Facility From A Smartphone

Real Time Biosensor Analysis

See how your plants are growing, including their health biometrics, nutrient uptake and lifecycle stage. Track health and growth to improve yields and genetics.

Designed To Optimize Yields and Performance

The GreenEarth Cloud based software system enables users to control their facility & generate insights about plant growth patterns, including how to improve taste, colour and yield.

Big Data Analysis of Customers and Inventory

Analyze your customers preferences, purchasing behaviours, delivery schedule and fine-tune your plants yields and nutrients to match customer preferences.

Connected Plants


Simultaneous Crop Varieties

Autonomous Facility

  • Labour & Management Costs vs Traditional Greenhouse 6%
  • Supply Chain Costs vs Traditional Greenhouse 50%
  • Operating Costs vs Traditional Greenhouse 68%
  • Increase In Average Yield 23%

The Results Are Amazing.

By using autonomous systems to grow indoor crops we can eliminate barriers to profitability. Economies of scale are overcome allowing small organizations to compete against larger ones. Operating expenses are dramatically reduced. Supply chain management is simplified and customer satisfaction is increased. Yields are increased, while produce freshness and health are improved. Less transportation costs and resources also provides environmental benefits. This is a revolution.

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